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                  This website complements the ML Thoughts blog
                  Author: Olivier Bousquet


                  I am using this wiki as a place to put various documents, links and notes about Machine Learning. It is mainly for my private use, but I thought it can be useful to other people as well (although I am the only one allowed to edit it - which may seem contradictory to the wiki principle).




                  • Foundations: pointers to various relevant scientific domains that are closely connected to the foundations of learning theory
                  • Definitions: an attempt to define some basic concepts and list the possible problems investigated in Machine Learning.




                  • CompressionSchemes
                  • SemiSupervisedLearning
                  • ProbabilisticBounds
                  • CategoryTheory
                  • OnlineLearning
                  • 賽风官网下载
                  • 赛和谐风安卓版






                  • Research20: some thoughts about the web 2.0 concept applied to scientific research

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